Natalia Janoszek is a Polish actress, singer and producer, widely known for her roles in Bollywood productions. She won Jharkhand International Film Festival Awards twice for the best international actress, thus becoming the first Polish actress awarded with an Indian film awards. In her interview for, Janoszek speaks about her first encounter with electric cars and emphasizes the general problem with the lack of access to fast charging stations. Actress also mentions that her first car was Opel Tigra. Today she owns a new Range Rover. In addition to her acting career, she also wants to develop as a singer. She plans to release her first single next year and the work is already under way.

Natalia, you are a „one-man band”, a Renaissance woman and you are also actively involved in environmental protection. What are your thoughts on electromobility and zero-emission transport? 

Natalia Janoszek: I had the opportunity to drive an electric car. It can be a great experience under one condition – you have to have access to fast charging stations. Unfortunately, it is still a great problem in Poland. Additionally, the price of electric cars in our country is relatively high. So even though we want to be „eco-friendly„, how can we, if we cannot afford it? This is not only the problem related to electric cars, but in general to the vast majority of topics related to ecology. When it comes to electric cars, unfortunately we do not have sufficient charging infrastructure – that is a fact. Electric cars can serve as interesting alternatives in big cities, where there are chargers available, but, for instance, in the mountains, where I live, there are none of them, so the use of an electric car on daily basis would be nearly impossible.

What car was the first one that you dreamed of? Was there any?

It was in high school. I was dreaming of Opel Tigra and actually I managed to buy it for my 18th birthday, despite my dad’s concerns. It was a typical dream of a person entering adulthood and wanting to own his or her own car. I used to drive it to school when I was in the last class of high school. Unfortunately, one time the car broke down on the Warsaw – Bielsko Biała route. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with it. Then, I did not have my own car for 10 years, mainly due to the fact that I was spending a lot of time in planes, and I would feel sorry for the car staying in a garage. This month I have become a proud owner of my true dream car.

Can you tell us what car this is?

It is a Black Range Rover Evoque. I got it from the United States. I thought about this car for the last three years. First, I realized that I was no longer into sports cars. My mainly drive from the mountains to Warsaw, so a sports car would be impractical. As a quite fragile woman, I generally like those cars in which I can feel bigger on the road. I appreciate the comfort they provide and the four-wheel drive system, which can be genuinely useful especially in winter. I also love snowboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, which means that I travel a lot  and I need a car that can fit all my equipment.

You are the first Polish actress honored with the Indian Film Award. You started your career as a young girl, which instantly led to a lot of travelling. What was the biggest difficulty in building an international career?

Mainly, the lack of contacts and loneliness. It does not matter if it is Poland or India. Show business can be brutal. Your success largely depend on your personal contacts: who knows whom and who supports whom. Money can play a major role as well. I was a girl with big dreams, but had neither finances, nor contacts. However, I was ready to start from scratch. I remember a producer telling me: „90 percent of actresses here in India first meet a producer, make friends and then get a role, only 10 percent actually get hired because they are talented.” I already knew that I wanted to fit in that 10 percent. Why could I fail? I believe that everything I do has to be done in such a way, that when I get up the next day and look in the mirror – I feel good about myself. That has always been my top priority. That is also why my CV is so broad. I had to work a lot to be where I am now. I think that I can do even more and I am on the right track to achieve my true goals.

You have already performed in front of a large audience. Do you have any singing plans?

I must admit that for the last few years I have been trying to develop my vocal skills. Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to sing, but I just could not afford the proper training. To make music, you really need to have someone who feels the artist’s vision or you have to accept the fact that someone will create your image even though you may not like it at all. I felt that what was offered to me, was not acceptable. So I decided to wait. I was playing in foreign films with the thought of earning some money and creating my own projects. Now I am about to release my first single. I hope it will appear in the first half of 2022, although my dream it to release it in the first quarter of the year. It will be music similar to the one I performed in Zakopane, so something between dance and pop. I would like to transmit energy to my listeners, pick people up from their chairs. This journey is a dream come true for me.

Recently, Natalia Janoszek leapt to limelight after media revelations that for a dinner with you a billionaire from Greece paid one milion dollars. What are you going to spend this money on?

Let me make it clear – I will not get a single dollar of this money. I became an ambassador for one of the cryptocurrency companies – NFT. There was an auction proposal. Of course, I did not expect in my wildest dreams that it would be one million dollars. The entire amount will be donated to several charity organizations. I also started working with the Polish branch of Greenpeace. I hope that these funds will also support UNICEF, WWF and some other smaller projects and bring a lot of good. As of my part, it did not cost me much – just one meeting in Greece. Of course, there were many malicious comments. I would like to emphasize that this was a regular dinner. When Robert Lewandowski offered the same for a similar auction, no one asked if it was with breakfast right away. Unfortunately, we still live in a period when women are objectified.


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